All orders receive BONUS RECIPE/IDEA CARD! 




Q— Is it Hot, as in Spicy?  

A— NO!  While it contains Chile Peppers, they are the mild versions and were chosen for their nutritional elements not their heat.  You will experience just a little 'kick' at the end of the flavor profile.  While all people have different tolerances for Capsaicin, our Secret Spice Remedy is a universal flavor enhancer that can be used on a diverse list of foods!  Originally designed for Salmon, Pulled Pork and Ribs, we were incredibly impressed when we started experimenting with it on eggs and potatoes for breakfast, veggies and starch side dishes, on fresh fruit for that sweet/salty/savory experience, in whole grain side dishes for extra flavor, any protein, especially seafood.  Adds both Anti-Inflammatories and great flavor to the foods you already eat.  Substitute your salt and pepper in recipes with Secret Spice.  Unforgettable.


Q—What do I use it for?

A— We include a recipe and idea card with each order!  There are also recipes found here on the website and our Facebook page.  Be creative and bold, used as a rub it is exceptional in both the oven and the smoker.  Love it on Roasted Cauliflower, Sautéed Brussels with Bacon, any kind of Potato.  I carry the On-The-Go packets everywhere to enhance food I buy outside my home.  Long camping trip or lunch with a friend, many times your food needs extra flavor, so add extra nutrition as well!  


Q— Which ingredients are anti-inflammatory?  

A— Eight of the Nine ingredients are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  The Anti-inflammatories used here are the Chiles, Cumin and Garlic.  We naturally source five chiles from all over the Western Hemisphere that are incredibly powerful, adding Capsaicin as well as Vitamins C and A.   These Spices are naturally and easily absorbed by the body, unlike some supplements that your body does not know what to do with, this is real, natural food.  The ninth ingredient is Sea Salt, which your body also needs.


Q—Are there additives or preservatives?  

A—No, this product is pure, real food and certified non-GMO.  There are no fillers, anti-caking agents or additives. 


Q—What are the nutritional components of the Spice?  

A--We have included the nutritional label in the Research Section of the Home Page for your information and at the bottom of this FAQ.  It is considered Low Sodium, High in Vitamin C and A, and contains 7 other essential vitamins and minerals, even a bit of Fiber. 


Q— What is the portion to notice the Anti-inflammatory qualities? 

A— We estimate that 1.25 teaspoons a day will help to alleviate your symptoms.  As the creator I use at least this portion every day; it is the amount that has helped me.  I use it daily on most meals and snacks.  If you don’t have that that opportunity, or don’t cook at home,  simply mix 1+ teaspoon in coconut oil for an early morning Remedy for an ordinary day.  If you eat out or don’t prepare your own meals, simply utilize our On-The-Go Travel packets or carry our small Shaker bottle in your purse or backpack.  There is a wonderful review on our website that backs up these claims!

Please take the time to read my story!  My hands have not digressed in years using this Spice blend, and nothing else except organic food and exercise!  It’s worth every penny.

My Osteoarthritis, after working for 25 years in kitchens, is mainly in my hands.  While they can still be a bit stiff in the morning when I awaken, for the most part my hands are the same as they were years ago, and without the risk of any Pharmaceutical side effects, and without the cost, this is much less expensive than any commercial drugs!  The large bottle is a 40 day supply for just $15.  Nothing better than that!


Q—Is it salt free?

A— No, but it is considered, by FDA guidelines, to be Low Sodium.  Also has Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant properties.  Salt is actually needed by the human body to keep it operating smoothly!  Sea Salt is naturally sourced and harvested.  It also contains trace minerals that are used and needed by the human body. 


Q—Are your Spices grown in China?

A— No.  We utilize California Garlic, our other Spices are worldwide, many of which are grown conventionally; no fertilizers, no pesticides.  The ingredients are the best quality you can purchase, blended perfectly and at their highest level of flavor.


Q—What is the shelf life? 

A— Three years is recommended by the FDA, while it may lose just a bit of flavor after that, it will never become toxic, even after decades.  But it could be a good time to clean out that Spice Cupboard!  Keep Secret Spice right next to the stove and use it every day!


Q— Is it Kosher?  

A— Due to the expense of that process, Secret Spice is not Kosher Certified, however, all ingredients qualify as Parev.  The Sonoma Pacific Salt is Kosher certified from Saltworks on the West Coast of the US, great quality and purity.


Q—What sizes are available?  

A— We currently offer our 'old-school style' Medicine bottle, 6.3 ounce, A Shaker-top glass bottle, 2.9 ounce, and our innovative On-The-Go packets, 1.25teaspoons.  These packets are virtually indestructible, plastic lined FDA foil, the same size as a sugar packet and contain your daily dose of Secret Spice!  Great for after hiking, camping or skiing, add to all your cookout foods.  Anti-inflammatory that is easily absorbed after a day of outdoor activity!  What could be better than that!  Crazy good in Ramen Noodles, soups, stews.  On your hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches and fresh fruit.  So easy to add more nutrition to your food!


Q—Is there a guarantee?

A— YES!  If you don’t enjoy Secret Spice, simply send your unused portion back for a full refund.  We’ll ask you what you didn’t like, because that is very rare, regardless of your answer the money is back in your pocket.  We wouldn’t make that guarantee if we weren’t incredibly confident of the quality and flavor of our creation.    


Q—Is Secret Spice compatible with some of the common diets followed today?

A— YES!  The Ingredients, listed below, are acceptable to the following diet programs: