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We have been saying this all along....Natural Anti-inflammatories are Better

December 11, 2018

We have been saying this all along....Natural Anti-inflammatories are Better

The following headline appears in today's Google search on Osteoarthritis.  This article is in regard to curcumin, however, OUR active ingredients, five chiles with Capsaicin,  black pepper, cumin, and garlic are much more extensively researched and proven to be anti-inflammatory.   More and more people are leaning toward natural solutions to natural problems.  Try Secret Spice Remedy today, used it, and if you don't feel positive results, send it back.  We have received nothing but positive comments thus far.  Let Big Pharmaceuticals make their ridiculous profits on someone else.  Thank you.

Plant-based pills could provide natural relief from osteoarthritis

Sufferers of agonising joint pain are praising the effectiveness of a natural alternative to anti-inflammatories.

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Also in Secret Spice Remedy --Delicious & Anti-inflammatory!

The recommendations just keep coming.
The recommendations just keep coming.

November 26, 2018

Another Recommendation.  You'll want to keep yours right next to the stove!  We do.

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Spiced Up Chicken Taco Recipe.  Use it as a rub!
State University NY @ Plattsburgh notices Secret Spice!

November 24, 2018

Taste of the North Country Chamber Event allows hundreds more folks to try and buy Secret Spice!  Rave reviews from those tasting the spice, and everyone is always intrigued that we combined a Spice Blend and a Dietary Supplement!

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Five nutritious Chiles in Secret Spice, but it's not HOT Spice, it's nutritious!
Natural Osteoarthritis Relief from Chile Peppers

November 09, 2018

Get your Daily Dose of Anti-inflammatories with Secret Spice--big Pharma is researching Capsaicin-- we can assure you our Remedy is far more affordable.  Why wouldn't you try it?

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