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State University NY @ Plattsburgh notices Secret Spice!

November 24, 2018

Spiced Up Chicken Taco Recipe.  Use it as a rub!

Many people, especially up here in the cold, experience stiff joints.  Secret Spice has the potential to help by adding anti-inflammatories that your body actually absorbs and utilizes.  Secret Spice is a new alternative, try it today!  

Emma Vallelunga wrote for the college paper's Cardinal Points: "Among the restaurants and auction items, local entrepreneur and cook Janice Wheeler was tabling at this year’s Taste of the North Country to advertise her product, Secret Spice Remedy.

After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hands, Wheeler developed a proprietary blend of cooking spices that contain natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Since then, her symptoms lessened dramatically; she continues to cook while selling her product and educating people about the spice’s health benefits.

“I use to this to keep my arthritis at bay,” Wheeler said. “[I believe] you should really feed your body what it needs.”

Wheeler was excited at her first Taste of the North Country to see people she knew and meet new people interested in her product."

Utilize our Spice in all the foods you already make, such as these easy Chicken Tacos!  Simply substitute your usual Spices, salt and pepper for twice as much Secret Spice.  Boosts up the flavor and nutrition in the foods you already eat!  

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Also in Secret Spice Remedy --Delicious & Anti-inflammatory!

We have been saying this all along....Natural Anti-inflammatories are Better
We have been saying this all along....Natural Anti-inflammatories are Better

December 11, 2018

News article supports natural relief for osteoarthritis symptoms.  Every little anti-inflammatory helps your body; add Secret Spice to your diet.  Feel the difference.

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The recommendations just keep coming.
The recommendations just keep coming.

November 26, 2018

Another Recommendation.  You'll want to keep yours right next to the stove!  We do.

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Five nutritious Chiles in Secret Spice, but it's not HOT Spice, it's nutritious!
Natural Osteoarthritis Relief from Chile Peppers

November 09, 2018

Get your Daily Dose of Anti-inflammatories with Secret Spice--big Pharma is researching Capsaicin-- we can assure you our Remedy is far more affordable.  Why wouldn't you try it?

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