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Our Spice is so good she craves it!

August 31, 2018

Our Spice is so good she craves it!

A very valued, and one of our very first customers, wrote to me about Secret Spice Remedy:  "...I did notice that when I skipped a day I was craving it!  Truly surprised I don't get tired of the flavors."    S.R. 

When I first decided to share The Secret with the world, I used the spice in every meal, at least one item, every day for a month while cooking for my family.  It was amazing to me, and surprising to me, how much of a flavor enhancer Secret Spice is.  I originally designed it for Salmon and Pork, but it melds beautifully with an array of meats, seafoods, veggies and snacks!  The fact that it keeps my arthritis symptoms at bay, and others like me, makes it an amazing product, and it tastes great.  

Crave it yourself!  

Here's the Recipe for Wild Caught Mussels, pictured above

Saute' half stick of butter, 4 cloves chopped fresh garlic, 2T SSR, one cup diced fresh tomatoes half of a sweet onion, diced, a splash of white wine is optional (but you know you have one open!!)  ADD Wild Caught Mussels, cover until they open, (just a few minutes) discard those that don't, toss in the sauce, top with any and all fresh herbs. Enjoy, serve with bread for dunking!  The sauce is Secretly Spiced Up and amazing! 


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