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Natural Osteoarthritis Relief from Chile Peppers

November 09, 2018

Five nutritious Chiles in Secret Spice, but it's not HOT Spice, it's nutritious!

The popular Cayenne Pepper is best known for it's moderate to hot spice.  In our opinion, it's most important ingredient is Capsaicin--a powerful anti-inflammatory and focus of on-going research for natural relief.  "Centrexion Therapeutics Corp., is closing in on a more effective way to treat such debilitating (osteoarthritis) pain....capsaicin – the active ingredient in the chili plant — to provide long-lasting relief without steroids or opioids." states Jonathan Saltzman, from the Boston Globe.

All Chile Peppers contain some level of Capsaicin and Secret Spice Remedy contains FIVE Chile Peppers!  The Chiles are the bulk of the ingredients; in addition Garlic, Black Pepper and Cumin contain Anti-inflammatories and Anti-oxidant components.   Add a bit of Organic Sea Salt and you have a flavorful nutritious food supplement.  "Why wouldn't you try it?" I can pretty much guarantee that when a big Pharma comes out with a drug that helps ease Arthritis pain it's not going to cost less than $15!  You're worth it, your quality of life is worth it.  And if you don't find some relief, simply send it back to us and we'll refund your entire purchase price.  We want to help people who suffered like I do with Arthritis in my hands.  Secret Spice keeps my symptoms at bay.  

"Why wouldn't you try it?"

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Event participants enjoy awards, raffles and Secret Spice Remedy!
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August 27, 2018

Secret Spice Remedy Sponsors Barracks Golf Course Plattsburgh, New York Rally for the Cure Susan G. Komen Tournament.  We are proud to support Breast Cancer awareness and prevention as well as assist those stricken by the disease with whatever they may need.  All monies stay local.

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