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Latest Research Confirms Ingredients are Anti-inflammatory!

December 30, 2017

Latest Research Confirms Ingredients are Anti-inflammatory!


As more and more people turn from Pharmaceutical solutions to natural and homeopathic cures with no or limited side effects, research continues to support the Anti-inflammatory properties of Spices.  8 of the 9 ingredients in Secret Spice Remedy appear in this research, and several are also anti-oxidant!

Just one example:  

"Cayenne pepper belongs to the chilli pepper family, and it naturally contains a compound - capsaicin - found to reduce joint pain.  According to the Arthritis Foundation, a 2010 study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research showed a 50 percent reduction in joint pain after three weeks when it was taken.  Capsaicin is found in chilli peppers and it can reduce arthritis discomfort."  Daily Express, Health, UK

SECRET SPICE REMEDY contains 5 different types of peppers, including Cayenne, all of which contain nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.  Unlike supplements, this spice is naturally and easily absorbed into the body and less expensive per day than most supplements.


"I decided to make some capsules of Secret Spice and take two per day for a week.  (In addition to using for meals as I would any other seasoning.)  Estimating less than a teaspoon a day.  Well...I just finished exercises I have barely been able to do, but this time without pain!  My knee is back to (nearly) full range of motion, and the remaining discomfort is minimal.  After just 7 days!  You have a crazy good product!    And because I tried to adhere to the scientific method of testing, it was the only change I made.

You may not be able to make medical claims, but if testimonials count, you need more people to try it as a supplement.  Plus its a terrific spice blend.  Have you applied to Shark Tank?

Very excited for you and the future of this product!"

Sharon, Wisconsin, USA

We bridged the gap between a Spice and a Dietary Supplement!  This innovation is helping people across the country fight inflammation naturally.  




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