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Secret Spice Remedy Blends Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Ingredients to Give Your Body The Elements it Needs to Remain Healthy & Strong

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All Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Ingredients

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Secret Spice Remedy

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If you have been looking for just the right product to spice up your food in a healthy way, you need to try Secret Spice Remedy for yourself.

This remedy combines Perfect Versatile Flavor AND Great Potential Health Benefits! You are adding anti-inflammatories* & anti-oxidants* to your diet. This blend is Good and Good For You!

DON'T put it in the spice cupboard - leave it next to the stove on the counter. Use it EVERY DAY. Sprinkle liberally and together we are Spicing Up the World.



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Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, All Natural, No Additives, No Preservatives or Fillers 

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Here's The Story.

This all happened to me just over 5 years ago. My right hand, which works constantly when I am busy, became stiff and sore and the joints in the little ‘pinky’ finger were swollen and uncomfortable. If you hit them on something they hurt, and it’s an unusual hurt; it stays with you—the diagnosis was OsteoArthritis, a degenerative joint disease. I am a very good cook. Very good; it’s who I am. All of the sudden I struggled opening jars and packages, could not hold knives, ladles or anything else for more than a few minutes. I was devastated. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY HANDS? I LOVE what I do. LOVE it. Passionate about it. NEVER want to stop.

At this same time I was developing the Secret Spice for use in my Catering. It became central to the Menus and Recipes I created and consumed on a daily basis. I am not a classically trained Chef; I taught myself to understand ingredients. I also discovered an intuition for making food GREAT, not good, not OK, but GREAT. Memorable. Can’t-wait-to-have-it-again kind of food. Walk-back-into-the-kitchen-and-ask-for-the-recipe kind of food. I have incredible drive to just get better and better at what I do. So over the past decade I played around with an amazing array of spices to make my food the absolute best and develop a blend that was flavorful as well as versatile enough for everything from Smoked Meats to Fresh Veggies to Breakfast Scrambles.

Time passed running my business, and while I noticed the symptoms occasionally they gradually lessened. The stiffness and difficulty with grip went away nearly completely. It was as if I had been cured except for one reminder-- if you look at that pinky finger; it remains crooked, even though it feels fine. The question was, what made my hands better after that original flare-up? Had I found a Remedy?

I believe I did. I get my nutrients, my nutrition, through what I eat. It seems basic but it is a tremendous challenge, now more than ever! People were doing it thousands of years ago and every little bit helps. With life experiences that steered me away from Western Medicine, I distrust Pharmaceutical solutions and honestly don’t even like taking a large number of dietary supplements.

Studies have proven that many pills and concentrates, even pure ones, are not readily accessed and utilized by the body. Whole food and all it’s components are naturally absorbed. Secret Spice was originally created for fabulous flavor—but when we discovered it was a Remedy, we didn’t change it!

Eight of the Nine ingredients are anti-inflammatory and/or anti-oxidant*! 8 OF THE 9. The final ingredient? Sea Salt, which your body also needs! And Now that I understand how much Secret Spice helped me, the plan is to share it with anyone who is interested in staying healthier!

Every little bit of nutrition we can get helps our bodies heal and maintain. Stay young. Just a 1¼ teaspoon serving gives you 10% of your Daily Vitamin C, 20% of your Daily Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Potassium and other nutrients! Are you experiencing painful joints and inflammation, or simply want to prevent those symptoms? Want to potentially reduce your risk of Cancer? Don’t put it in the cupboard. Keep it right next to the stove. Use it every day. This stuff is Good And Good For You.


One could say based on the size of my spice cabinet, that I may have a problem. I consider it more of a quest. I'm always on the hunt for exciting and new flavors to add to my cooking. I've purchased products traveling and I've never really had my socks knocked off once I got the item home and used it. After I tried 'Secret Spice' I can honestly say I have some cleaning to do in the cupboard. This stuff is amazing!!! I've only had it a week but I have seriously used it on every meal since I got it! The mixture is perfect. It doesn't try to compensate with salt and the peppers perfectly compliment each other. There is just enough spice to keep you coming back for more but not overbearing. I've tried it on pork, chicken, veggies, salads and even cottage cheese! It is versatile enough to go Southwest, Cajun, or Thai. I just love the flavors and appreciate the anti-inflammatory properties and look forward to some relief with joint pain. The bottle size is convenient and being able to buy it online makes it easier than trying to track it down in my limited local stores. You will be delighted with making this spice a part of your permanent kitchen line-up. Just make sure you order a few bottles so you don't run out as you experiment, play and enjoy the endless options of flavor!!!


Best stuff on the planet!! ❤️

New York

I love this spice! I have found I can use it for everything (almost) that I cook. I love it so much I've found myself eating it by itself. Tasty stuff. This is my "go to" spice for everything. Full of flavor and GREAT on ribs!!!


I injured my knee a couple of months ago and the recovery has been at a snails pace.
SO, I decided to make some capsules of Secret Spice and take two per day for a week. (In addition to using for meals as I would any other seasoning.) Estimating less than a teaspoon a day. Well...I just finished exercises I have barely been able to do, but this time without pain! My knee is back to (nearly) full range of motion, and the remaining discomfort is minimal. After just 7 days! You have a crazy good product! And because I tried to adhere to the scientific method of testing, it was the only change I made.
You may not be able to make medical claims, but if testimonials count, you need more people to try it as a supplement. Plus its a terrific spice blend. Have you applied to Shark Tank?
Very excited for you and the future of this product!


Make Your Food Superfood!

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Secret Spice Remedy Starts a Blog with Recipes, Ideas & News!

Secret Spice Remedy Starts a Blog with Recipes, Ideas & News!

Keep it right next to the stove, don't put it in the cupboard; substitute it for the plain salt and pepper in your recipes!  You are kicking up both the flavor and the nutrition of the foods you already eat.  Every little bit helps.

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